Plane Crash September 29 2015, 0 Comments

With the wind in my hair and my wings in the air,
I was flying through the Rockies.
Watching the sunset, listening to the snow melt,
Then I felt it,
A jerk and a wiggle.
Then I heard it,
A groan and a grumble.
And before I could think,
I felt a bang and I heard a clink.
I veered to the left, I banked to the right.
I pulled on the throttle with all of my might.

I spun, I flipped, I rose,
I crossed my fingers and crossed my toes.
I dipped, I jittered, I dove,
I zigged, I zagged, my wings tore off.
I caught on fire, my propeller stopped.

I said my prayers and closed my eyes,
I gave the throttle one last try,
But I scraped the trees, the plane went bash.
My teeth knocked out, my elbow scratched,
I hit the ground with the sound of a four-ton bomb.

Then I opened my eyes,
And to my surprise
Everything was calm.
I’d survived.