Under the Deep Dark Sea September 29 2015, 0 Comments

Under the deep dark sea
Where the mermaids sleep
Lives the most horrendous thing you’ve ever seen.
Yup that’s right,

Way way deep down where the fish don’t even live
There is a monster so profound she scares squid.
She uses sharks as toothpicks,
She puts on bright red lipstick
And lures you in with promises of kisses.

And when you get there she doesn’t kiss you
She eats you.
Swallows you up in one big bite,
Bones and everything.
And if you put up a fight
She laughs.

So listen to me,
Listen closely to me,
If you’re diving deep, deep down in the sea
Where the fish don’t live and the mermaids sleep,
Don’t go looking for kisses ’cause she’s, well, she’s looking to eat.