Weird Old Man September 29 2015, 1 Comment

I think I asked some pretty good questions
To the weird old man sitting in the tree.
“Why are you up here?
“And why’d you climb this giant tree?”
“Well you see,” he said to me,
“I didn’t climb this giant tree.
I was feeling hungry and needed to eat,
So I found an already-chewed-up apple core
And waited seven years or more.
I sat on the seed through sunlight and storms,
Through cold and warm,
And soon the tree grew under me,
And the branches spread
And sprouted leaves,
And flowers bloomed and lured the bees,
And an apple grew,
And then there were two,
And soon there were four,
And then there were more.
There were apples galore.
And now—
Now I’m up here chompin’ and swingin’ my feet,
’Cause ain’t it just a real treat
To have these juicy apples to eat.”