Magician September 29 2015, 0 Comments

A magician pulled a rabbit out of my hat,
So I asked for it back.
So he gave me my hat,
And I reached in a little deeper,
And pulled out a sailor, his boat and its anchor,
A helicopter, a gator, a doctor,
A lion, a juggler, an opera singer,
A table, a menu, a plate and a waiter,
Who brought me spaghetti, a salad and lobster.
Then out popped a cop who was chasing a robber
With coins in her hands—
He grabbed her and cuffed her.
If that ain’t enough, the story gets weirder.
A ship with an alien armed with a laser
Fell out my hat and abducted the robber,
The cop and the waiter, my fabulous dinner,
the juggler, the lion, the opera singer,
the helicopter, the doctor,
the sailor, his boat and its anchor,
The rabbit and also the gator.
And the shocked magician, he clapped and he cheered,
So I put on my hat and I disappeared.