There's a Whale In My Hat September 29 2015, 0 Comments

There’s a whale in my hat,
And I don’t know why he’s there.
He’s much too large and much too blue
To ever be my hair.

And there’s a cricket in my sock,
Who's doing me no good,
He's much too small and crickety
To ever be my foot.

And there’s a minnow in my glove,
Who doesn’t understand,
He’s much too young and slippery
To ever be my hand.

“Now just out of curiosity, where is my hair?” I asked.
“It’s swimming in the ocean,” said the whale.
“That’s why I crawled into your hat.”

“And I snuck into your sock,” said the cricket,
“While your foot was chirping in the grass.”

“And what about my hand?” I asked.

“Well,” said the minnow,
“He’s hanging from a fishing pole.
I tricked him onto that.”