Duel April 29 2018

Somewhere (Acrylic on canvas) 16x20 March 25 2018

Naked and Running pg16-17 March 24 2018

Naked and Running pg12-13 March 24 2018

Naked and Running Pg10-11 March 24 2018

Hello March 23 2018

Hello all you earthworms and aliens,
Old folks and children,
Boys and girls,
Rabbits and turtles.
Welcome, welcome to my fort.
Now climb on up, step inside
And get ready, my friends, for a bumpy ride.

Star March 22 2018

Balloons March 22 2018

Holding our hearts we flew through the sky,
And soon balloon U, it found balloon I.
And we got all tangled and drifted together,
Up through the clouds
And into forever.

The Dark March 22 2018

The dark is a scary and dangerous place
For a pilot to walk alone,
Surrounded by an endless space
Within it the unknown.

There are frightening things that lurk in the dark,
Things that have never been seen.
There are things so chilling and horribly haunting,
Those things would make a man scream.

Oh there’s so many reasons to stay in the light,
To never go out and explore,
To stay in your cozy candlelit room
Locked behind your door.

Where you’ll never have to face the beasts,
Where you’ll never have to fight,
Where you’ll never get to conquer your fears,
That lurk in the dark of the night.

The Rain March 22 2018

When you’re feeling kind of lonely
Thinking no one knows your pain,
Remember this my friend:
An umbrella spends its life
Standing in the rain.