Thirty-Two Magazine Cover July 02 2020

This Illustration was created for a fictional children's book magazine. The artwork was created in Procreate, with finishing touches done in Photoshop.

"Comparrot" July 02 2020

This is a spread that I created for a mock magazine. I used watercolor paint to create the parrot, then image traced it in illustrator to make the digital side.Once I had both halves of the parrot, I put them together in Photoshop, and finished the layout in Indesign. The image was created to express the differences between digital and traditional art. 

Canoe July 02 2020

This piece was created in Procreate. My goal with it was to give the painting a traditional look. To do this I used more painterly brushes and tried to use as few layers as possible to force myself to paint using traditional techniques. 

NYC July 02 2020

This is an illustration that I created on Procreate. I had just returned form the SCBWI New York conference, and was excited about all the new people I had met, and skills I had learned. This illustration expresses the magical feeling I had being to the big city for the first time. 

Rocket Ship July 02 2020

This piece was created in Procreate. My goal while creating it was to use textured brushes to try to give a more traditional feel to the final image. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and show off a different style than I was accustomed to making.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1 July 02 2020

I created this mock cover using both Procreate and Illustrator. The goal of this project was to Illustrate the cover and first chapter of this classic children's book for a music festival audience. I chose a psychedelic theme that ran throughout the pages bringing a consistent look and feel to the chapter. The artwork was first created in Photoshop using a combination of liquid effects and hand drawing. Once the initial illustration was created, I put it into illustrator where I converted it into a vector file and recolored it.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 2 July 02 2020

This is one of the interior spot illustrations that I created to go along with the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland cover. The goal for this illustration was to give the interior the same feel as the cover, while continuing to play off the Psychedelic festival theme of the book.

Clowns July 02 2020

This is a set of Stamps that I created in Illustrator. My goal with this project was to create a set of images related to one another, with each stamp also working as an individual piece. I worked with different gradients and blending modes to create a three dimensional effect, adding interest and life to the characters.